New year, new faces

I decided to set up a photoshoot day for Sit With Me on Sunday. I knew a lot of the puppies, currently in their care, were getting ready for adoption and wanted to get some photos ready for their online posts. Last fall, with overlapping ages, some by a few weeks .. some by days, Sit With Me found themselves with about 37 puppies. Three of those litters had no nursing mother. A lot of hard work and dedication was provided by foster homes. In the next few weeks Sit With Me will be posting the puppies and trying to find forever homes for them.

Along with the puppies, I did a last minute call out to any other fosters (no puppiness required) who needed a photo as well. In the end, I photographed over 31 dogs. A few more will trickle in this week but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports my work and to spread the word if you know anyone looking to adopt a dog into their home. 

There are many dogs waiting in shelters that still need help. Sit With Me is volunteer based so dogs that pass assessment can only be moved into homes once there is room. Please help promote responsible adoption and check out Sit With Me's current roster of available dogs.