Sit With Me Spring Auction

I have been honoured to partner with a local Ottawa dog rescue called Sit With Me. Their mandate is to pull dogs from shelters who would otherwise be killed due to various reasons as a simple case of kennel cough, a bit too old (4 years??), a bit too rambunctious, a bit too shy, a broken limb .. you get it .. the list goes on.
They are equipped with experienced dog experts whom I trust completely to assess dogs who would be successful in re adoption into a loving home with a little TLC.
I started photographing them last year in hopes a better photograph might get them noticed and moved more quickly through this hard system.
This is a snapshot collage of some of the dogs I photographed in 2013 - 2014. Most have been adopted out into happy loving homes.
Sit With Me is having a spring auction, where generous supporters donate items to be bid on. The funds raised from these auctions go towards vetting for sick and injured dogs, spay & neuters, food, crates, transportation, merchandise to sell at events and many other reasons. Without these resources ... sadly, many of the dogs in the photo I've linked wouldn't be here today.
I'm attaching a link to their Facebook account, peruse the photo album of items and see if there is anything you like and would like to help support a very worth cause. There is everything to 2 & 4 people movie passes to gift cards to restaurants, dog collars, paintings and donated photo sessions.
Thank you for reading, caring and helping.

Spring Online Auction link!