Project 52 - Favourite Book - Week 4


Beautiful Beasties Network is a network of professional Pet Photographers from around the globe. The 52 Week Project is a weekly photo themed challenge. This is my first week participating and I must admit .. I felt stumped. What on earth could I photograph with my pets that could represent a book?

There was some head scratching and in the end I thought I had decided it was going to be Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf. It's COLD out, like really cold this week in Eastern Ontario. I was going to use Shamar, my white Canaan, and drive out to the Greenbelt and photograph him in a more 'arctic' setting but by the time I get home from work .. even with a short drive .. it's getting dark and I knew I wouldn't have any helping hands near by to help light him if needed. As I was sitting my car — thinking really hard — I noticed hanging from my rearview mirror a pair of vintage looking motorcycle goggles. Then I remembered Mowat's OTHER book from my childhood, The Dog Who Wouldn't Be.

I decided to reproduce the book cover of the copy I had years ago. I chose Jorja as my model because she's the least sketchy around my lights and will basically sit still and pose. She wasn't crazy about these goggles on her, they really don't fit at all. She was a champ though.

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