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This sweetie will melt your heart

This sweetie will melt your heart

I had my first rescue session tonight. It was kind of gloomy out but there's more rain in the forecast this week so .. while it was dry, myself, Milkshake and her foster mum headed to the park. What can I say about Milkshake? Uhh .. that I wanted to steal her and bring her home? She is SO sweet. If I had to guess at her being a Chihuahua mix .. I see some Corgi in her.  

Sit With Me rescued this little muffin and this is her bio from them

"Milkshake is a sweet and very affectionate little girl. Her favorite thing to do is lay around in her dog beds and getting lots of cuddles. If she could have it her way she would veg on the couch everyday . She does enjoy short but frequent walks to help her shed a few extra pounds. She is used to five 10 minute walks a day since she gets lonely in a yard by herself and stands by the door.  She is house trained but does need to be let out when she gets out of her room or may have an accidents. She has not had accidents since her second day in foster care. She is also a quiet dog in the house and will only bark when getting excited to go for a walk. At night and when she is alone during the day Milkshake is confined to a room to give her peace from the other pets but she doesn't destroy or do anything. When alone she spends most of the time sleeping. Milkshake does not play with toys but loves to chew on bones. 
She is currently living with 3 cats and another chihuahua but she does prefer her space and would only be comfortable around animals that leave her alone most of the time. Her tolerance level will increase with time but she can be a little fussy at first. Milkshake is now able to run and walk by her foster sister without any issue but still doesn't feel comfortable around stranger dogs and will bark to comfort her. Her foster mom is currently working on her tolerance on leash to other dogs but she always requires very slow introductions."

Milkshake and her foster mum will be at Take the Plunge in Carlington Park
(941 Clyde Av) this weekend and hopefully she'll catch someone's heart.