2017 Calendars for sale - images from Kenya!

Great Christmas gift! Limited quantities

Hi everyone! I decided to put together a calendar to commemorate the beautiful wildlife I saw in the Masai Mara. If you have seen my photos on my blog or on Facebook and loved them .. here some are that you can look at for the following year. 

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While staying at Entim Camp, David Lloyd arranged to have someone come visit us to speak about her passion for cheetahs. Dr. Elena V. Chelysheva, PhD is the head of the Mara-Meru Cheetah Project. The Mara-Meru Cheetah Project aims to secure habitats for the long-term survival of cheetahs and their ecosystems through multi-disciplined and integrated scientific research, community outreach and educational programs. She gave us a presentation slideshow with tons of facts about the cheetah and her work. I left my visit with her with a feeling of hopefulness because of their teams commitment to helping cheetahs and working with the local Maasai. I have created a page for Mara-Meru Cheetah Project in the calendar and $2 from every sale of the calendar will be donated to them to help with their cause. For more information please see their website

The calendars are $20 each plus shipping ($3.50 for Canada, $6.50 for US and $10 for international. The week starts on a Sunday and I have listed no holidays, there are just too many and wasn't sure which to include and which to omit and for which areas. I am only doing 1 print run so don't delay in ordering. 


  • 11 X 8.5 inches, 12 months

  • Start of the week is on Sunday, they are in English only.

  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery by Canada Post.