Amazing Autumn Photo Sessions


My favourite time of year. Truly. Is it yours?

This is a beautiful time to have photos taken of your pet! Even though I now live in Pakenham, I have various locations to use around and in the Ottawa area.

Although most clients are dog owners .. I welcome ANY pet for a session. Provided you can safely have them on a harness, I would gladly shoot any animal.

My promotion this year includes an annual donation to Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue, a beautifully framed 16 x 16 canvas for your wall and 5 digital files. The digital files are large enough for printing up to 8 x 12. This offer includes up to three dogs. There is no set time for the session, we go for as long as I feel is needed for you to be excited and satisfied with your collection.

Dates and times will be determined based on our schedules, I’m flexible during the week but keep in mind that best light is getting earlier and earlier, so weekends might work best. Leaves will start to change more rapidly in the next two weeks, I’m always watching and ready!

Contact me today to reserve your spot!

Lola & Smokey for adoption - Standard Poodles in Need

This is Lola and Smokey. They are two LOVELY poodles currently available for adoption through SPIN (Standard Poodles in Need). Although this rescue is based out of the greater Toronto area, one of their co-founders, Paula, found out about me through HeARTs Speaks' Photographer listings.

Name: Smokey
Age (years/months): 11 Years 4 Months
Name: Lola
Age (years/months): 10 Years 8 Months

Smokey and Lola are an amazing pair. Friendly, cuddly, energetic! Smokey is just about the most handsome standard poodle we've ever met! Due to a death in the family they find themselves in search of a place to retire. Since they are a bonded pair, we're looking for that special home, willing to take them both and love them unconditionally. 

Smokey and Lola are friendly, happy, house trained. They will chase a squirrel or a rabbit if given the chance! Though they are 11 and 10 years old, they have a lot of life in them and are just looking for the perfect place to retire. 

Please contact, via email, Standard Poodles in Need for more information on this bonded pair. 

Canvases for sale

I currently have 3 canvases for sale from my exhibition at the airport last year. If you are local to the Ottawa area we can arrange for delivery.

Mer Bleue Bog panoramic canvas

63 inches W x 18 inches H x .75 inch D
Large panoramic photo wrap canvas of Mer Bleue Bog in the Ottawa's Greenbelt. 

Parliament Hill in the fall canvas

29 inches W x 18 inches H x .75 inch D
Photo canvas of Parliament Hill. White border. 

Cormorants in Bic National Park, Quebec canvas

29 inches W x 18 inches H x .75 inch D
Photo canvas of cormorants jumping off a rock in Bic National Park, Quebec. White border. 

Sit With Me's 3rd Birthday

Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue had their 3rd birthday today at Laroche Park in Ottawa. It was great to see so many people come out and help support our rescue group who has so many volunteers behind the scenes. Volunteers whom mostly all work full time jobs PLUS helping save the lives of dogs with no time left in our local shelters. There were activities for people and pets and Chuck Desjardins Photography was taking professional photos for the afternoon. A BBQ with meat from the Manotick Butcher, loot bags, Crazy Beautiful Collars and much more. Here are some photos of the very, very hot afternoon. The park had many mature trees throughout so people and pooches could cool down, which was very nice as well as a bit of breeze here and there. 

I had two of my previous fosters show up, Robyn and Wylie and it warms my heart when these reunions happen. Many dogs I have photographed in the past have been adopted but there are still many more that are waiting. 

If you are considering adopting a dog, I ask you to consider Sit With Me. Check out their Facebook page for their ADOPTABLES album and see if there is someone in there that might suit your lifestyle. 

YOW Gallery

From today until mid January, I have some photographic collages on display at the YOW Gallery at the McDonald Cartier International Airport. They are located at Gate 14 in the Departures lounge.

I decided to showcase some of my favourite travel images. Destinations were for Dublin, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Romania and Turkey. There is also a panoramic image from Mer Bleue. 

These canvases are 24" X 36" (1.5" depth) and are available for purchase for $350 each. 

If you're flying out of Ottawa in the near future, check them out. :)

Project 52 - Rural

This weeks challenge is last weeks opposite - rural. I needed a new leash because my last foster dog, Nico, chewed my lovely, strong leather one. I was looking for one that clips around the waist as I have a repetitive strain injury on my right wrist/arm and for walking the dogs - I thought it would help. I decided to drive past the airport to Riverside South and check out a great pet supply store called Chew That. They are wonderful with helping out rescues and they have a full stock of toys, kibble, leashes, beds, raw food (picked up some yummy chicken necks for the pack) and tons more. I was really happy to help support a local business (they just celebrated their 1 year anniversary) and if I was going to buy a new leash from anyone, I would rather give them the money than a chain store.

I found the leash I needed and decided to take a back road home, south of the airport. The road was full of washboards so I took it slow and down the road on my left there as this old abandoned barn. I decided this was where I was going to come back and do this weeks theme. After having purchased Zack Arias' new One Light video, feeling inspired, I set out with one of my dogs to get the shot.

Although it didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped, I was alone and found it very challenging to get Pete in place, not moving, yet shifting back into spot, re-adjusting, shooting, adjusting and trying again. There was a slight breeze and with a 60" umbrella .. it was tipping. I have yet to buy some sort of sandbag system so I quickly dragged an old tire in the field and propped it up against my light stand. It did the job but boy .. was this a cumbersome shoot. At least with one other human I would have a set of hands and someone who speaks english. :)

Click over to Blue Amrich Studio in Boston, MA to see her 'rural' post.

Take the Plunge

Ready, set, gooooOOOoooo! 

This weekend is Take the Plunge in Ottawa. Although I won't be attending
the event, I will be scooting in for a few minutes in the morning to take a picture of another Sit With Me foster pooch.  

This event is always a laugh and the dogs and owners have such
a great time.  


Saturday, June 15 & Sunday, June 16th
Carlington Park - 941 Clyde Avenue

From the Take the Plunge site:

Take the Plunge is a fund-raising event jointly organized by Genesis Dog Rescue, LOYAL Rescue, New Beginnings Pet Rescue and Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue. Our mutual goal is to increase community awareness of Ottawa-based rescue groups and to raise much-needed funds to assist the animals in our care.  We hope you can come out and have an amazing time while supporting this worthy cause.

I've included some images that I took in 2011 .. great times.