Pet Photography

Faces of Sit With Me from 2018

Sit With Me dogs of 2018

This collage represents the many faces of unforgettable dogs I have met in 2018. I co-ordinate with foster homes to meet up with them to photograph their dogs. This is to provide beautiful portraits to help get them adopted. There are several faces in this collage of dogs that are no longer with us. They will always be remembered as loving members of their family and are sorely missed.

Thank you to the foster homes and Sit With Me rescue for giving these dogs a new chance at life.

Thank you!

Matted prints for clients

Thank you to everyone who booked a fall session this year. I was able to send a $500 donation to Sit With Me Rescue to help with their continuous need of funds.

This session included an 11x14 print (16 x 20 mat) that I'm very happy to deliver to my customers. They arrived today and look beautiful! Beautiful photographic memories should not be born, live and die on a computer.