Faces of Sit With Me from 2018

Sit With Me dogs of 2018

This collage represents the many faces of unforgettable dogs I have met in 2018. I co-ordinate with foster homes to meet up with them to photograph their dogs. This is to provide beautiful portraits to help get them adopted. There are several faces in this collage of dogs that are no longer with us. They will always be remembered as loving members of their family and are sorely missed.

Thank you to the foster homes and Sit With Me rescue for giving these dogs a new chance at life.

Have you adopted from Sit With Me Rescue?

Over the years I have photographed many dogs for Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue. If you have adopted with Sit With Me and would like some photos of your dog, I have them available for purchase. 

The digital files are good for printing up to 8X12 inches and there is no watermark. They cost $22 per file and I will donate $2 from each sale back to Sit With Me. 

I have put up 5 featured dogs, along with a list below, categorized by year. I only have the names from when they were in rescue. If you recognize your dogs name and would like their photos, you can fill out the form and I will be in touch and put them online for you. If you are pretty certain I did take some photos but you don't see their name list .. get in touch and I will investigate. 

My work with Sit With Me is on a volunteer basis. By purchasing files, you not only help Sit With Me but you help me continue to this relationship of which I'm very proud.   


Lola & Smokey for adoption - Standard Poodles in Need

This is Lola and Smokey. They are two LOVELY poodles currently available for adoption through SPIN (Standard Poodles in Need). Although this rescue is based out of the greater Toronto area, one of their co-founders, Paula, found out about me through HeARTs Speaks' Photographer listings.

Name: Smokey
Age (years/months): 11 Years 4 Months
Name: Lola
Age (years/months): 10 Years 8 Months

Smokey and Lola are an amazing pair. Friendly, cuddly, energetic! Smokey is just about the most handsome standard poodle we've ever met! Due to a death in the family they find themselves in search of a place to retire. Since they are a bonded pair, we're looking for that special home, willing to take them both and love them unconditionally. 

Smokey and Lola are friendly, happy, house trained. They will chase a squirrel or a rabbit if given the chance! Though they are 11 and 10 years old, they have a lot of life in them and are just looking for the perfect place to retire. 

Please contact, via email, Standard Poodles in Need for more information on this bonded pair. 


Met up with Nylah and her humans on Sunday night. Nylah was the winner of Sit With Me's spring auction gift. Funds were raised for the rescue and we scheduled for a session at Pinhey's Point National Historical Site. 

Nylah was very well behaved and was a super model to photograph. I'm glad to have been able to give this family some great memories and raise funds for rescue at the same time.

Some smiles for your day

Two boys and two girls

Malibu and Boz are two energetic males looking for a new home. Then we have the beautiful Meli & Delilah whom are also looking for a human to love them forever. Please contact Sit With Me for more information and see if you're a good match to any of these cuties.

Summer is here ... new dogs in rescue

Moving day is approaching in Quebec. The province is quite restrictive for rentals that allow pets. It seems to be more and more difficult every year. We have our frustrations with the public as well as many dogs get either left behind in the actual apartment (sometimes not being found by the landlord until days later) or genuinely not trying hard enough to find new accommodations that allow pets. I try not to be judgemental, as you never know the whole story but there is definitely a large problem with the accountability and responsibility towards their pets. 

Some of the pretty faces below are dogs that just got pulled from our local shelter. Some have been with their foster homes for a short time, and a few for a bit longer. Foster homes are vital to Sit With Me's programme. It allows the dog to 'decompress' after having massive changes in their lives. It allows them to become comfortable, settle and allow for a more accurate behaviour and medical assessment. With this knowledge, there is more success in adoption placement. 

The hardest dogs to place are pit bull type dogs. They cannot be adopted in Ontario, due to breed specific legislation, and therefore our main province is exempt. We adopt out to responsible homes in Quebec, but even in that province there are municipal bylaws that restrict the 'type' as well. We partner with Pit Bulls for Life in Edmonton Alberta. When possible, we facilitate transport via airline to the rescue for either adoption or homes they have ready to foster - and being allowed a larger audience to meet and view the adoptables. 

You will see many pittie types on this site, that I photograph. I try so hard for them because there are so many whom are wonderful and friendly and have been looked over, not because of anything they have ever done, but because of the publics perception (largely due to 30+ years of ignorant media reporting). 

They are ... just ... dogs. They are absolutely strong ... but so are many other breeds, some even stronger. A dangerous dog is dangerous due to exposure in it's life, sometimes genetic but more often by mistreatment. It's not dangerous because of what it looks like. 

New faces in rescue


Had a visit to a local shelter last weekend and got to photograph some sweet dogs. Within a week, the Husky and the Beagle are with  now with Sit With Me Rescue (The Shepherd-mix is already with Sit With Me), the Boxer-mix is with Valley Animal Rescue, the brindle Terrier-mix is with the Montreal SPCA and the Chihuahua is with BARK Rescue. Thank you to all the rescues for helping out and taking these dogs. 

Please consider adoption.  



Looking for a forever home

We have some new faces at Sit With Me. I sent a message out to current fosters the other week to see if they could swing by my place with their dog for some updated profile shots. Foster homes are vital to most rescues, without them .. they would not be able to save the dogs that they do. Fosters help shape the behaviour of the dog, give them a loving and safe environment and prepare them for their new life, a better one. 

Thank you to all the fosters who help make Sit With Me a rescue worth volunteering for. 

Our family


I had the absolute pleasure of photographing another local pet photographer last weekend. Lynda is the owner of LGraveline Photography and she contacted me because, as a photographer, it's hard to get photos of yourself when YOU are the one who is always shooting.

I met up with Lynda in the west end of Kanata, near Dunrobin, with her boyfriend Nick and her three dogs; Bentley the Australian Cattle Dog, Oz the Australian Shepherd and Doc the American Pit Bull Terrier. Doc is their current foster dog with Sit With Me rescue and unfortunately he has cancer and had a limited but unknown amount of time left. I was so happy to be able to give this family some wonderful photographic memories.


Krishna & Emmy

Krishna contacted me regarding booking
a session for her dog Emmy. Emmy
was a rescue with Sit With Me and a compassionate adoption. A photo session was on Krishna's bucket list for her and I was more than happen to assist. Emmy has been diagnosed with cancer and her lifespan has been shortened.

We met up at their home and went to their local park and seeing the bond these two have with each other was nothing short of beautiful.

Emmy has integrated into their loving family and it was an absolutely pleasure meeting them. Thank you Krishna for caring and opening your heart and home.


I was able to connect with an animal rescue group while on holidays in Punta Cana this past spring. Their name is Rescatame and through generous donations and great working relationships with the public and vets - they are able to vaccinate, spay & neuter, feed and facilitate adoptions both local and overseas. Sylvia and Viviana were kind enough to bring me out to show me what a typical morning can consist of. This particular morning involved helping some community dogs with food and treating a new arrival with a dewormer. Often the locals vets can manage with treatments but sometimes they need to travel to Santo Domingo for more complicated procedures.

There are many stories of dogs showing up at businesses. Some are lucky and taken care of, some are chased away ... some are poisoned. It's a tough life for any roaming dog. Rescatame see the local problem and work to try to improve their lives. Education, spay & neutering, vaccinations and encourage adoptions. Please check out their Facebook page for more up to date news.


This sweetie will melt your heart

This sweetie will melt your heart

I had my first rescue session tonight. It was kind of gloomy out but there's more rain in the forecast this week so .. while it was dry, myself, Milkshake and her foster mum headed to the park. What can I say about Milkshake? Uhh .. that I wanted to steal her and bring her home? She is SO sweet. If I had to guess at her being a Chihuahua mix .. I see some Corgi in her.  

Sit With Me rescued this little muffin and this is her bio from them

"Milkshake is a sweet and very affectionate little girl. Her favorite thing to do is lay around in her dog beds and getting lots of cuddles. If she could have it her way she would veg on the couch everyday . She does enjoy short but frequent walks to help her shed a few extra pounds. She is used to five 10 minute walks a day since she gets lonely in a yard by herself and stands by the door.  She is house trained but does need to be let out when she gets out of her room or may have an accidents. She has not had accidents since her second day in foster care. She is also a quiet dog in the house and will only bark when getting excited to go for a walk. At night and when she is alone during the day Milkshake is confined to a room to give her peace from the other pets but she doesn't destroy or do anything. When alone she spends most of the time sleeping. Milkshake does not play with toys but loves to chew on bones. 
She is currently living with 3 cats and another chihuahua but she does prefer her space and would only be comfortable around animals that leave her alone most of the time. Her tolerance level will increase with time but she can be a little fussy at first. Milkshake is now able to run and walk by her foster sister without any issue but still doesn't feel comfortable around stranger dogs and will bark to comfort her. Her foster mom is currently working on her tolerance on leash to other dogs but she always requires very slow introductions."

Milkshake and her foster mum will be at Take the Plunge in Carlington Park
(941 Clyde Av) this weekend and hopefully she'll catch someone's heart.